Driven and inspired by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG), sustainability is a big part of TEDxPickeringStreet. We believe in the vision that all events should be green events, which is why it excites us that we will be working with Green Nudge this year!

An environmental-focused social enterprise that works closely with companies and event organisers to reduce their environmental footprint at events, Green Nudge provides green events planning solutions.

Reduce - During the event day, please bring your own water bottles and do not throw the lunch boxes away! Determined to reduce plastic waste generated from food items, we are partnering EF’Packed to provide lunches in reusable bento boxes.

Reuse - Going beyond that, we also decided to partner up with SUTD and RJ Paper to reuse structures and paper for our event this year!

Recycle - At Enabling Village, do keep an eye out for our sustainability corners, where we have food and material recycling bins set-up to compost food waste and recycle used paper & plastic.

For those who wish to #HumbleBrag about your efforts in going green, join us in spreading the green movement by tagging #GreenItRight or tag @GreenNudgeSG in your Instagram/Facebook posts!

If you would like more details on how TEDxPickeringStreet is going green, do check out our detailed brief here. Looking forward to meeting all of you eco-warriors! 🙂

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